Detailed Explanation About Subdomains in cPanel – Hostripples

As the name specifies, in this blog we are going to discuss a new feature in cPanel that is about Subdomains. Let’s see what is Subdomain? A Subdomain is a subsection of your website or in other words, we can say that it is a separate and unique website with its own contents but without […]

Introduction to Addon Domains in cPanel – Hostripples

In this Blog, we are going to discuss Addon Domains which is a fully functional domain. You can create it by using Addon Domains feature in cPanel. For that, it is necessary to assign a domain to your account. Using this domain you can host a completely new website in a folder on your account […]

Introduction to Domains: Site Publisher in cPanel

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the “Domains” option in cPanel. In a previous blog, we learned about Remote MySQL. The following screen shows the various tools offered by this feature : It includes various tools like : Site Publisher Addon Domains Subdomains Aliases Redirects Zone Editor We are going to discuss each […]