Know How To Setup Email Default Address in cPanel

Since last few blogs we have been discussing about How To use and Setup various tools in cPanel which in turn will help us in managing the websites or Blogs. So let’s have a quick reminder to our previous Blog which was on “Know How To Setup Email Autoresponders in cPanel” in which we discussed […]

How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess

Changing Your default Timezone: The default time zone setting that is displayed in the Preferences>Global folder is used to localize the time for received messages and calendar activities in the standard web client. 1) Log in to your cPanel 2) Click on the file Manager icon 3) Click on Setings which you will find at […]

Change default timezone in MySQL

How to change default timezone in MySQL? The timezone on SiteGround’s servers is CST. This is a global setting which cannot be changed. 1) Modify the MySQL NOW() function. 2) Selecting the current date/time: SELECT NOW(); If you want to add 2 hours to the result, 3) Use the following syntax: SELECT DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 2 […]