How Machine Learning is increasing the efficiency of data centers?

Today’s trending technologies are machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Gone are the days when we used to do tasks manually. AI has shown its growth from Industry automation processes to domestic household chores, the technology is inventing at every level and in every field. Then why our Data centers will be aside from […]

OpenStack Ceilometer Telemetry Service & Telemetry Data Collection Services

In continuation of our series of previous blogs on the components of the OpenStack, today we are going to look at the next component of OpenStack that is: “Telemetry (Ceilometer)”. We are also going to look at Telemetry Data Collection Services. So let’s look at what Ceilometer is? Telemetry (Ceilometer): It is easy to guess […]

Steps For Configuring Primary MySQL Database on Your Server

database configuration In this blog we are going to configure the primary MySQL database on your server. You all know that MySQL is a Relational Database Management System. CPanel and WHM’s interfaces support MySQL or MariaDB. MariaDB is one of the most popular database servers. It is free and open source software.It also supports PostgreSQL […]