List of basic commands for XEN VPS & OpenVZ Servers

Today in this blog we will some of the basic commands for XEN VPS and OpenVZ Servers. We will also have a short idea about what is XEN VPS and OpenVZ technology. So without taking much time so let’s start with XEN VPS.  What is XEN VPS? XEN is virtualization technology isolating every single VPS […]

VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business

Earning a good profit is the ultimate aim of any business. But many of the businesses fail due to wrong decision making or improper planning. This too applies to the online businesses. In order to promote their business, a number of traditional businesses are switching to online platforms or to increase the reach of targeted […]

WordPress Hosting: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting

When we are talking about Hosting, it is a kind of analogy similar to a Building or Apartment. So anyone may ask questions like, What kind of Building? How many people live there? Is it a small or large Building? Thus considering Building as an analogy today we are going to discuss WordPress hosting on […]