Web Hosting Add-Ons For Improving The Performance of Your Website

When you are an owner of an online business, you will have to compete with millions of other websites and if you fail in this competition, then it will create a huge impact on traffic, customer conversion rate and ultimately on your revenue. Selecting proper Web Hosting Add-Ons For Your website will improve your online […]

What is CGI?

What is CGI? What is CGI? CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. This is not to be confused with another CGI which stands for Computer Generated Imagery which is the technology they use for special effects and explosions of the things in major motion pictures. This CGI the common gateway interface. It is a technology […]

Why shared Cpanel server security is major concern?

We all are having good awareness of server security. Its on going process and we have to harden it as much as we can. For that, we install cloudlinux, Maldet/ClamAV antivirus, CSF, CpHulk. We configure software and hardware firewall on the Cpanel server. We try to update the OS and other thrid party applications. There […]