What is Hostripples Affiliate Program?

Let me tell you that an affiliate program is about making extra money by promoting the other products on your website or blog or on social media channels. In which you (as an affiliate) get a commission for every purchase that made from your affiliate link. In this blog, we will go through detail procedures […]

Framework: Phalcon

Framework: Phalcon You all must have heard about Phalcon framework many times and many of you may not know what it is? So today’s topic of our article is “Phalcon”   We will discuss the Phalcon framework and also try to build some project with it, just for practice. We will access phalconphp.com website and […]

FFMPEG-PHP: make: *** [ffmpeg_frame.lo] Error 1

While compiling ffmpeg-php from source with make command you may get the following error terminating your making process; make: *** [ffmpeg_frame.lo] Error 1   This error occurs due to a missing file ‘ffmpeg_frame.lo‘ in the ffmpeg-php source, while your ffmpeg-php source may contain the file named ‘ffmpeg_frame.loT‘.   To Resolve this issue you just need to rename the ‘ffmpeg_frame.loT‘ […]