What is Linux Process? Important commands for Linux Process

In an operating system, to complete a certain operation or task, the processes are required, Process is nothing but a running task or a system of users tasks. When you visit any website, lots of processes start running on the server, even though if you do not visit the website still there are lots of […]

Why Maintaining a Website is Important??

My question to you is, are you maintaining your website? If not, you really need to read this blog. The reason why website maintenance is important because when hackers try to hack into your website it’s easier for them to go into your website which is not maintained and updated. So let’s talk about the […]

What is Digital Marketing? Types of Digital Marketing & It’s Importance

In this blog, we will learn about What is Digital Marketing? So let’s make it very simple. Suppose you have a business of Restaurant or you are providing any service like suppose say you are a content writer or you have a product which you want to sell. For ex: Assume that you have a […]