Ultimate Guide to Understanding HTTP Status Codes

The Internet has more than one billion web pages. It allows you to locate a website on the corresponding server. The transmission of requested data from high-end server to the local computer is possible due to the HTTP hypertext transfer protocol. When starting the browser from the client a request is made to the web […]

How to switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

As you know Google is pushing hard for HTTPS everywhere so that the web is a safer place and being more secure is always important. With the performance benefits you get from HTTP/2, there has never been a better time to thinking about moving your site to HTTPS; not to mention the additional security and SEO advantages. Follow […]

5 SEO Advantages of Switching to HTTPS

With Google considering HTTPS an important factor your ranking boost, the time has come to make a switch for your website: from HTTP to HTTPS, considering the benefits it will have on SEO What is so different in this – just an additional ‘s’. But this additional ‘s’ is something that adds security to your website, […]