Get to know OpenStack DNS (Designate) as a SaaS

————————————————————————- DNS (Designate) is one of the well known open source services in OpenStack. This project offers DNS as a Service also known as DNSaaS and also offers common, open API for programming DNS. Same as all the OpenStack APIs, the Designate is proposed by and combines with the authorization method of Keystone authentication. The […]

How to manage DNS Zones in WHM?

How to manage DNS Zones in WHM? DNS Zones holds the data that is required by DNS for operating. DNS Zone is a portion of DNS name space by using zones this allows the DNS namespace to be divided up for the administrative reasons. A DNS zone contains DNS records depending upon which type of […]

How to set up master-slave DNS cluster in Vesta Control Panel

If you are looking for the options to avoid any DNS-related downtime or the way to manage dns across all server you have, you might consider to setup master-slave┬áDNS cluster. 1. Create user dns-cluster on a server which will be used as dns slave 2. Run following command on a master: v-add-remote-dns-host 8083 admin […]