Which CMS should you use for your website?

CMS stands for Content Management System. WordPress powers more than 51% of the worlds entire internet especially the backbone on which the internet is built upon. If you are looking for developers, WordPress is going to offer most of the resources than anything else. Most significant amount over the competitors like Joomla.  A lot of […]

CMS Explained with Static Website

You might have built a website before, using Dreamweaver or FrontPage. These tools generally create what is called a static website. A static website is quite simple. For Ex. Type in a web address like www.hostripples.com into your computers web browser. A web browser is a piece of Software that displays web pages from the […]

Easy Steps To Host Your Website | Complete Guide For Web Hosting for Beginners

If you have a domain, you need a host to host your website aka domain. Web Host gives you a certain amount of storage aka servers on the Web, where the body of your website, its files, applications and facilities used are stored. These things are later viewed on the interwebs! Some Extra facilities given […]